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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Transformation Deck - Tend your Garden

I suppose that could be a polite way of saying "mind your own business".  But for anyone that has spent anytime working in a garden, veggie or flower, it is a reminder that where you put your energies and attention will grow, prosper, and be successful.  You look for weeds, removing them so that what you really want will get the space and nutrition to get stronger, healthier.  Well, I'm no different than anything I helped my Grandkids grow this year.
There is an alchemy in working with what nature has given you; learning the natural laws of cause and effect.  The symbolics contained in this card are fairy = magic, serendipity, luck, whatever you want to call that special something that happens when you least expect it.  The Sun = warmth, nurture, nature, energy of life.  The butterflies and dragon fly = the butterflies are a symbol of transformation by their own life cycle. (A beautiful flying insect from a caterpillar?! )  I just threw the dragonfly because I like them.  The green fertile hills are just that but they also hold that which I have planted and which to harvest.  That would be patience, happiness, creativity, and strength.  In one way or another, I feel as though I am lacking in those areas of my life.   While some may argue with me, it is my heart that dictates what I need to focus on.
I want and need to thank Beth Rimmer from Deviant Scrap for her kit  "Secret Life of Woodlands".
Lori Davidson for her kit "Fairily Moonlit Mystics."  Many of her elements are hand drawn and painted.
Irene Alexeeva for her "Curves" template.  Since I use Photoshop Elements 6, I have to cheat and use templates for things such as this.  One of these years I'll become a big girl and get the full version of Photoshop.
Nicole Young for her kit "A Gypsy's Tale".  I only used one piece from this wonderful kit, but I made a promise to always give credit for anything I use from any designer.  (I keep my trusty notepad beside me for taking notes just for that reason.)

Thank you Ladies!

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