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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Open door

Originally uploaded by wendy.strader

If you look closely, there is a fountain in the sunlight on the other side of the door.
Where does your open door lead you to?


Anonymous said...

This is a lovely looking start to your Blogging days, Wendy. Glad I could 'visit'.
Don't be afraid to let your 'creative' instincts run wild. You can always change the results to suit!
Looking forward to seeing your photos.
Grumpy (a.k.a. Roberto)

Lara said...
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Lara said...

i'm obsessed with doors and portals.
mine leads to limitless knowledge and creativity!
thank you for your kind words wendy :)
it reminds me of repetitive nightmares--where the person chasing you is usually a part of you.