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Saturday, July 16, 2011

SPA - Vintage Glamour

Yea ME!  The last day to turn in a postcard to Sunday Postcard Art and I got one done AND took the grandson to Big Bear (California) for the day.
The prompt was Vintage Glamour.  The wonderful example has a turn of the century woman on it.  Me?  I really like the Vargas (and faux Vargas) girls.  They have a wonderful, playful, sexuality that has me collecting more and more images.  This too, for me, is Vintage Glamour.
For this card I have used the following items -
Createwings - the background paper from her kit Creation 23
Far Far Hill - the lovely pin up.  She provides some wonderful freebies nearly every day.
Paula Kesselring - You may not be able to tell it, but this is a photoshop brush placed around the boarder of the paper.  I then put it on overlay mode to darken the edges of the paper.
The corner boarders and the writing are also photoshop brushes that I got from free sources.  I apologize if these are yours and I have forgotten who you are.  I am humbly sorry and grateful for your wonderful work.
This postcard will go into my folder and into my rotation of postcards that I send out at  

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