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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mothers' Little Helper

There was a time when Mothers' Little Helper was Valium.  That was during the 60's when a womans' role was changing from stay-at-home wife and mother to the in-the-workforce, no-holds-barred, glass-ceiling-breaking force to be reckoned with.  Valium was the answer to the silent scream that millions of women were harboring in their hearts as their foundations were shook to their core.
Now, that we are more accepted in the workforce, politics, and in the hierarchy of some churches, life seems to be moving faster.  The haven from the insanity of the world that women had once created in their homes is now a check in station for the family unit as each scurries off to their activities.  The family table is the cell phone, a letter in the mail from friends and family is now a post on your Facebook wall.  We seem to run like hamsters on a wheel, scrambling, but never really getting anywhere.  And we are tired.
So I now present to you my newest postcard creation.
I love my profession.  And I love to laugh.  But in truth, Viagra is one of the more prescribed meds for Medicare recipients.  Its out of the closet and into the medicine chest.  This is a sad chuckle at the state of our society that we have to have a pill to make love and feel the closeness of our beloved.

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Polly said...

Great post and graphics are wonderful and made me leave your site with a smile on my face!! The Viagra thing is very clever!!! Good job and good work!!!