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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Adventures from the Red Box

We are in the middle of summer here in the high desert of Southern California.  While we complain of the heat, in actuality it has been a mild summer for us.  The garden wilts in the afternoon heat only to come back during the sunset.  What we are harvesting is eaten or given away, and that brings me to this post.
The Grands are excited to go out to the garden everyday and see what is new.  There is a small harvest of green beans both pole and bush, the corn stalks have been pulled from their box and sunflower head have been harvested, hanging upside down in the garage so that we can have the seeds before the birds do.
So how did the Grands do with fresh veggies from the garden?  Above you see the first zucchini that was harvested, sliced with poppy seed dressing.  We offered it to the kids, the first reaction was "I don't like it".  I think that is a universal reaction to something new that happens to be good for you.  With that said, the grown ups had theirs wile the kids watched.  And then it happened...
They ate it.  And not just one mind you, many....and asked for more much to Grandpa's delight.  Jayna now eats tomatos off of the vine, just like an apple.  She really loves the Green Zebra variety.  While they seem to be happy campers here in these pics, this doesn't mean that we don't have problems sometimes at dinner.  They are still "yard apes" i.e. toddlers and pickey as hell about what they will and won't eat.  (I would like to believe that Moms and Grandmoms in Kenya have the same problem with getting kids to eat).  But for now, we will take this as a small victory in the "try something new" war.


Outstanding Stranger said...

Lovely grandchildren and what great photos of you garden..Hugs, Diane

ouvea107 said...

What a beautiful eyes "weared" by a lovely little girl
Laurence, Marseille, France