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Monday, February 8, 2010

SPA - Cats!

I will be one of those women who have lots of cats when I get old.  I feed my age I should really know better.  So I present CATS for Sunday Postcard Art.
If you can't see the small print, it says "Cats are evil, mean, sneaky, and nasty, with many other fine qualities."
For this lovely creation I used elements from Tangie Baxter (I used stuff from Junque Journal), Cottage Arts (I used their Soldered Sentiments which includes the ribbon attachments in the kit), and Irene Alexeeva (I used FaLaLa and Whispers).
I am thinking about putting together these SPA's that I am creating and putting them into notecard form for gifts and personal use. (I don't have commercial license to use them for profit)  I think they would make great notecards.  Wouldn't you like to receive Mimi (the "eyeglasses girl" in your mailbox when your feeling a bit down in the dumps?  What about the "whats on your mind?" when you've had an especially bad week at work?  I think we truly disregard our art work a little too much.  So I don't have the commercial success of Irene or Tangie, I am still a success in my own little circle of friends.


Shelly Hickox said...

I love the ways you've combined all of these elements - it has such a warm, shabby feel to it!

Martina2801 said...

This is so sweet! What a lovely postcard!

Debby said...

Very cute!!!

Cindy McMath said...

Love this card, and the sentiment! People say "evil and sneaky' like they're bad qualities! lol

Love your idea of getting your SPA challenge pieces made into note cards. I had one of my fave ATCs made into a set of postcards by Cafe Press and I love sending them out. I have also used high-quality copies of my work to make multiple Christmas cards in the past. Enjoy! I'm sure your friends and family will love getting one of your unique and wonderful cards.

Cindy :)

Amy said...

this is pure sweetness..cute title for the card..great the bird. Thanks for making art with me at sunday postcard art blog