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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Japanese Beauty

There is this wonderful designer that I know by the name of Nice Crane Designs.  I really like Japanese/Asian design and he does a wonderful job.  So I have used 2 of his backgrounds to make this 4x6 postcard design.
The background papers come from his Beautiful Japan series.  I blended them together using a clipping mask from Marcee Dugger (Maskee 6 available at Digital Scrapbook Place) The charcoal colored border is from Suzanne C. Walker's Grey Day (also available at DSP).  The pic of the Geisha and the stamp of the Buddha were both downloaded from the internet.  (The Buddha brush is from Deviant Art.  I'm sorry,but you're gonna have to use a search on this one...they have WAY too much stuff there!)
Thank you for looking in!

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Nicecrane Designs said...

Dear wendy Thanks a lot,,,,for using my backgrounds,,,,,,,i like a lot lights here,,,,,, it looks like I was watching this card at night,,,,,well done,,,,,,,I am working now on a new Gothic Arch,, and different Asian themed CS,,,, thanks for sharing your work Wendy.