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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Journey Begins

This has not been a stellar year for creativity for me.  Marriage, family, work, and school have done their best to eat up what free time and energy that I have.  I have diddled around the internet and admired wonderful art journal pages, digital scrapbooking wonders, postcard art that I would love to receive in the mail, listened to great music that has me sighing at the singer/songwriters that seem to pull out lyrics and melodies that can take my mind to wonderful places.  And I  have been sitting in my chair looking at the piles of papers, boxes and books ( not to mention the orphaned kitten that we adopted) hoping that the organizing fairy would stop by one night and wave the magic wand and POOF! I have my studio back!  Yeah, not so much.......
Over at Scrapbooking Graphics there is a wonderful designer by the name of Tangie Baxter that is conducting at 52 week "journey".  Yep, its a full year into the world of art journaling.  Digitally.  I paid for my "ticket" and I have boarded the Art Journal Caravan.  My idea is to create the pages digitally, print them out, and mount them into a watercolor/drawing journal (after I have colored and altered the background a bit.)  Another designer there, Ruby Rhyne, threw out the idea of creating a matching ATC and by the end of the year you could have a full deck (I'll never have a full deck.....insert stupid grin here) of artist trading cards.   I like that idea.  A lot.
So here is my first page.  It was based on the word "accept"  For me, and many others, I am accepting the fact that I'm flawed.  And those flaws aren't just patches on a personality that is lacking.  They are what make me what I am for all of my "glory".  At my age, and thats 50 by the way, I am starting to recognize the "gift of age" that is part of an "I don't care what you think of me" mentality.  And I for one really like that!  It really is the confidence to be just who you are without the temptation to change for the sake of someone else.

I will be putting up the links to the Art Journal Caravan site for anyone who wants to join.  I will do my best to add the pages as I make them, but just remember, I AM part of the Blogging without Obligation crowd!


themixiepixie said...

A pleasure to meet you! I enjoyed finding your blog thru the Mixed Media Monday site. I know what you mean about the age/wisdom/not-caring-what-others-think thing. At 52 myself I am so there. I am interested in the "caravan" you mentioned and will look into it. Best wishes for your creative edeavors in this new year of new possibilitis!

themixiepixie said...

P.s.I forgot to mention, I love your card- the images, word, and colors! Very cute!