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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

AJC - Mend

Here is the second page to my art journal.  The prompt I used was the word "Mend". The journal writing describes a woman looking back through her trunk of memories and wondering if she had a been of service to others when their hearts were broken, but not able to be one one with a broken heart.
When I got the prompt I thought about some of the quilting pieces that I love the most.  There is a wonderful vendor, Cotton in the Cabin, who comes to the Road to California Quilt Show here in Southern California with marvelous antique pieces of hand sewn quilt bits.  Every year I that I get to go I treat myself to another bit of unknown history.  I say that because I will never know who spent a few hours hand piecing bits of fabric together with thread.  Occasionally there are bits of quilts that have required mending, worn areas carefully sewn back up as to be useful again.  It brings to mind darning eggs and socks, tatting shuttles and pearle cotton, radio instead of television, and conversation instead of texting.

This is the ATC that goes with the page.  I added the key and took away the watch. (I forgot what settings I used to modify the original colors...sigh)  I am going to print them out when I have enough to make a contact sheet.  I have a feeling that I will be a very familiar face to the ink refill people.  I just printed out the first page and have it mounted in the book I am using for for the journal.  But since there will be 52 pages and ATCs' its going to be a bit of an expense in ink and cardstock! Ohhhh....cardstock...humm...guess I'll have to make it to the Original Rubber Stamp Show in Carson this March to go get some.  (Boy, that was a stretch for an excuse, but I'll take it!)

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