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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Abandoned - Collage Obsession

Now that I have this done, I think I could do better, but don't want to.  Sad isn't it?  Time being at such a premium.  But there it is.
This is for Collage Obsession, the challenge is called "Abandoned".  We were given the photo of the Schneider Mansion and told to go for it.  The text on the journal book reads " After the girls left on the Grand Tour nothing in the house was ever the same.  With its life gone, the soul of the house whithered, dying slowly like the last green leaf in a bitter frost."  And under the picture of 4 girls under the opposite page it reads "Schneider girls.  Circa 1904"

I have to thank College Obsession for the pic of the mansion, Vintage Moth for the pic of the 4 girls, the postcard background and journal book are from Tangie Baxter and Amanda Sexton of Scrapbooking Graphics in their Steamer Truck kit.  I have Phoung Ton from Scrapbooking Graphics to thank for the dried flower and tape I used in the journal book (its from her kit Sentimental Journey) and Lauren Bavin from Digital Scrapbook Place for her Antiquing Pack that I used to bring everything together.


Elegia said...

This is just perfect. No need to do it better, I think!

I love the story of your collage, it's very interesting and blows the spirit to the image, which I like very much.

Thank you for participating in our challence! I really appreciate it that you took time to join even if you are busy.

linda said...

This is really lovely. The little piece of story completely conjures the mood of the picture.
I love how you've blended all te layers.

Tiffany said...

I love the texture to this piece. It's beautiful! I'd give more specifics if I knew more about the techniques used in digital collage. To a "lookie loo" it looks beautiful!