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Friday, November 14, 2008

I see the World softly

This layout has been done for my friend Diane Rulliere.   She is one of those people that has the gift of using words to paint pictures in your heart and soul.  She also has a wonderful ability to see beauty in the world and can capture that vision with her photographs.   While she isn't a musician per se, she inspires in others the music that makes her lyrics dance.  There is a link to her music here on my blog.  Please visit her and tell her I said Hi!

I see the World softly by Diane Rulliere 
(with some minor changes by me)

I'm not living in a spite of what you've heard
I've had my share of troubles..and I'm talking more than just cross words.
I've spent some time in bedlam...been to purgatory too
But when I look at the sky, I'm still searching for the blue.

I try...yes, I try
and you laugh...yes, you laugh at me
You say I'm too naive to see
(Have I lost touch with reality?)
What's there right in front of me

I see the world softly.

I've wandered with the homeless...and I've lost my own way home
I've ease an old man's I watched him turn to stone
I've listened to the broken so many midnight bars
But even in the darkest night, I'm still looking for the stars

I try...yes I try
You can can laugh at me
You can say I'm too dumb to see
You can say I'm too blind to see
What's there right in front of me

I see the world softly
(c) Diane Rulliere 2008

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