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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I feel very lucky now to have this blog.  I am enjoying posting here and also the community of bloggers that I get to explore when I log on.  Whoever you are, THANK YOU for peeking in on my little world!
If you feel so inclined and scroll down to see the rest of my posts you will see other sites and people who have given my permission to post them here.  
Just as a note, I do not post any site to visit that I have not already posted to or participated in myself.  I won't post a challenge site until I have met a challenge.  Surf Diva, Skydive Elsinore?  I have taken classes there.  Anaya Tribal, I have some beautiful belly dance cloths from them.  Songramp?  Oh my dears, there are so many talented, musicians, writers, and singers there.  For many of them music is a passion that is supported by their day to day job.  Me?  I'm a backup shower singer!  But a very talented friend of mine introduced me to his music and that of the Ramp. (I haven't asked permission to link up to him yet...)
I hope that you will visit those folks that have graciously allowed me to posted their names and sites.  I hope that the more that I get around here, folks won't think it odd that an almost virtual stranger says "Wanna link up?"  

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