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Friday, September 5, 2008

Another year older

At the end of the month, I turn 49.  I am not afraid to say that nor am I scared of turning 50.  There seems to be a birthday in everyones' life that scares them.  Maybe its because it reminds them of their mortality; that they are getting "old", or that they haven't met some life goal that was set long ago.  What ever it is there is some sort of life inventory that is done to measure just how well they have done so far.  I have already had that one.  For me it was 30, and that entire decade was the worst time of my life.  I learned quite a bit about myself during that time and I had to learn it the hard way.  Now, I look forward to being 50.  I think it will be a fabulous time for me.
A couple of years ago when I took surfing lessons in LaJolla, CA, I decided that for my 50th, I wanted to go to Hawaii and long board there.  While I still would like to do that, I  don't think that I can do that before I turn a half century old.  But I think that I am going to learn to scuba dive.  That is something that I can do. 
The pic that I posted is from a dive that my boyfriend did last year in Catalina Island in California.   I have reservations about it of course.  I do  know that there are dangers in diving and there is the fear of being underwater.  But from those people that I have talked to who do dive, they are enchanted by what they have experienced while being submerged into that world.  I think that I would like to try that.  And if I happen to win the lottery I can go to Hawaii and both surf and scuba!   Now THERE is a goal!
This item on the to-do list may change or it may not, and if it does I'm alright with that.  My life is no longer scribed into stone.  It is a changeable thing, and my job is to learn to go with the flow of whatever it brings.  But it is also good for me to have markers or goals to work for.  If I reach them or not, I still strive to endure, enrich, and enjoy what has been given to me.  


Outstanding Stranger said...

I loved reading your blog. Thanks for the nice comment on my Sunday Postcard. How nice of you to help the mother of Isaiah. What a hard job you have. My niece's daughter just gave birth to a preemie 3 mo. early. She weighed 1# 12 OZ. Very tiny but she seems to be doing ok. she has gained a little. I can't believe they can make it so early and so small. Hugs, Diane P.S. I spent my 50th birthday in Hawaii just to have the most memorable turning and it was a time I will always remember.

Lorraine said...

you dont look as if you are approaching 50 because of your optimistic outlook on life.. whatever you decide to do just go for it..people say I am mad to do kickboxing at 45 but I am doing it for myself plus it keeps me you just do it and enjoy yourself.