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Friday, July 9, 2010

Adventures from the Red Box

I have talked with to others that garden and there is one thing that most of us have in common...a "dislike" of the tomato worm.
Yes, these little green critters have reduced otherwise strong, brave, and capable people to weak kneed, quivering masses of mush.  I have talked with some folks who refuse to even grow tomatoes because of these pests.
I wanted to make the garden fun for the grandkids.  So I bought 4 different colors of tomatoes - red, green, yellow, and black, although I suspect that the black one is actually a very dark red variety.  The tomatoes are doing quite well and we have blooms and fruit on all 4 of the plants.
The kids also know that when they see a flower on the plant it means that there will be something good growing there, so we have to leave it alone!
I say all of this with pride, but also because the day that I had feared, arrived.  The day when the first tomato worm made its appearance.
I understand that there is an ecosystem in my backyard, I also understand that even tomato worms have a place in the circle of life (cues Elton John song).  But  you see, we are a vegetarian household and those worms are after our food.  Its us or them.  But the bigger question is how will the Grandkids react to them?   What we do is cut off the branch that they are destroying and then dispatch them to the big garden in the sky.  The branch is then composted.
So last night after coming home later than usual, I went out to the garden by myself to check on its progress and the Grands were getting their shower and ready for bed.  It was still early enough that the bees were flying around the blooms and the air  itself seemed to be buzzing with life.  I enjoy those times when the world seems quiet and I am a part of it rather than a lumbering giant that is interfering with the process.  I was looking for the little green eating machines when I heard the back door open and Ian came running out calling my name.  After saying good nights, and getting hugs, he wanted to know what I was doing.  Knowing this for the ploy to stay up later (generations before him have tried the same trick) I told him.   I really expected him to tell me that he wanted to help me, but instead I was told to make sure that I "chop em in half Grandma!" and he ran off in the direction of the house.
I found 3 and I did as I was told.

I am sure there will be some warm summer nights ahead of me that will be filled with sweet little voices, teaming with excitement, yelling that they "found one!" and to "chop it in half!" followed by a most compassionate "EEEUUUUUWWWWWW" or "lookie at the green stuff, thats nasty! Is there another one Grandma?"
Yes, these are the moments in life that bring us together and closer as a family.  If you would excuse me, I need to go get my garden snips, the grandkids just came home from school.

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