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Monday, July 5, 2010

Adventures from the Red Box

Not bad, eh?
Well, this story is about the adventures of one Grandma and two Grandkids...thats how it started anyway.  Instead of telling the entire thing all at once, I'm going to stretch it out some.
I wanted to share some of the childhood memories that I had with Ian and Jayna, and the ones that my daughters had with my Mom.  We had some raised beds in the backyard and I had asked Steve (my husband) if we could have one to plant a garden in.  He wasn't so keen on the idea, mostly because of the cost of water in our district.  But he relented as most husbands do, bless him.
I told Ian what I we were going to do and showed him the box that we had adopted.  Steve had been putting in stuff for composting for a couple of years now, so there was lots of good soil making nutrients there.  So after turning it over a couple of times and picking out the grubs it was ready to go.  And that's when Ian said that he wanted a red box.  That almost derailed the project.  Grandpa wasn't so thrilled with the was a waste of time and money to do that and to top it off, he was going to dismantle the garden this year anyway.  It took me a few times asking before he  said yes...after all, if he was going to dismantle it then what was the harm?

So  on a day early in April, with paint and rollers in hand, we started to paint the box. Did I mention that Ian wanted "sidewalks"?  That is, something to walk on besides soil.  After all, a 4 year old needs to be in the middle of things, right?


It was a good days work for the kids...and Grandma for that matter.  By the end of the day, we had our red box.  A beautiful garden ready box that we could see from our kitchen window.
What we planted will have to wait for our next chapter.....

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