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Friday, March 26, 2010

Steampunk Princess - SPA

FINALLY!  Finally, I've gotten the oomph to create something...ANYTHING!  Oi, I was getting depressed with all of the thinking, wanting, wishing, and dreaming of starting again, but never having the energy or drive to start.  I don't care what it is, laundry, gardening, painting a room or a masterpiece, we all go through it, of that I am certain.
Well, this one if for Sunday Postcard Art - the theme is Steampunk.  That wonderful Jules Verne/Sherlock Holmes (the new one)/Victorian science meets invention and whimsy.  Gears, gizmos, whatnots, and whingdings all in one neat package.  I love it.
The elements I have used come from College Obsession and Digital Scrapbook Place.  The picture is of Sarah Barnhart.   College Obsession used it as one of their challenge pieces under the title of "Worn".  The rest of the elements are from Lauren Bavin and Erica Belton "Steampunk Fun", "Steampunk Grunge", and "Seriously Steampunk" kits.
Thanks for peaking in!


Sandy said...

Gosh this is stunning.
Wondeful steampunk creation.

Martina2801 said...

Stunning steampunk creation! It looks great.
Thanks for participating!