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Monday, July 6, 2009

New Music!!!

I am moderately proud of myself.  I learned how to add music to my Popup Player!  

The song you are listening is the creation of my dear friend, Rob Campbell.  He not only is singing it, but wrote it, and produced it.  I  personally think he is one of the most talented people that I know.   And I know that I am not the only one who feels that way. 
 His passion for music goes from rock to country, ballad to jazzy instrumentals and everything in between.  He writes, plays several instruments, and produces not only his own music, but collaborates with other musicians on their music.    His music home, SongRamp is filled with songs that have his mark on them. He prefers to sit quietly in the background and let the music talk for its self.   You will not find him bragging about what he's done, he's glad to help a friend. He is in heaven when he's playing or talking about gear.  
I hope to be adding more independent music from my friends at SongRamp.  I since I don't play or write music (I'm a backup shower singer), I am very honored to have these fine folks say "yes" when I asked them if I could add their creations to my blog here.  
If you would like to get to the Ramp you can do that a couple of is to click the link at right for either Rob, The Chiggers, or Diane Ruilliere.  It will take you to their personal home pages and then you can get to the Ramp homepage from there.  You will have thousands of songs to listen to at a click of your mouse.   Or you can click this and get to the homepage that way.  
Enjoy yourself!

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