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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Learning Curve

I have signed up for a contest called New Kids on the Block through Digital Scrapbook Place.   It is a contest strictly for beginners like me with less than 20 layouts posted.  No professionals thank you.  There is such a learning curve to all of this.  With paper layouts, if I wanted something, I just went out and got it.  With this contest you have to work with the kit you are provided, although you can alter the colors etc. with digital modifications.   It is meant to be a growth and learning experience, and it is.  
Sometimes I wonder why I stretch myself too far sometimes.  Am I running from something?  Towards something?  Feeling lost and needing direction?  I haven't stopped long enough to figure it out quite frankly.  But between work (and lots of it), the contest, belly dancing, needing to swim so that I can learn to scuba dive, and the regular chores of life like laundry, cleaning house, cooking, paying bills and all...I'm tired.  Just like the rest of the population.
I think that part of my problem is that with my work I tend to deal with so many problems under the mandate of "You have to fix this" that when I get home, I need the escape.  I hope that in the next few weeks, I will settle into a routine and find my balance again.

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