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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Learning Curve

It never fails that when you think you have everything figured out, something changes that view, and the learning curve starts again.  And that's where you find me right now.
I decided that I was going to learn how to do digital scrapbooking.   The technology is great, the digital kits are really nice, and heaven knows I have the pictures.  I found Digital Scrapbook Place and I was hooked.  Big community of people with the same interest and passion to preserve their life's memories.  While lurking around, I discovered that I could probably download a version of the photo editing program I was thinking about buying.  PERFECT!  The people at DSP were nice enough to give me a welcome gift for registering, and with the photo editing program downloaded, viola!, I could get my first page done and see if I really like digi-scrapping or not.
Well, here came the learning curve....the photo editing program freezes up when I try to import pictures from an existing photo program.  And then there is the learning of a whole new language and way of doing that, open this, layer those... and the list goes on.  To say that I feel lost would be an understatement.  The programers of the photo editing program know that there are those of us who are having the freezing problem, the people at DSP are wonderful at helping beginners like me struggle through those first few pages.  So I have signed up for their beginner online class in my chosen photo program, I read the tutorials and manuals.  I am not giving up.  It will be a great day when I can post a link to my first digital scrapbooking page here.
I am having a great time with the belly dancing too!  However there is a learning curve with that one as well!  Ok, that's a big "duh".  But how in the world are you supposed to shimmy your hips and then move them side to side at the same time?   The answer: practice.    So with hip scarf in place, I stand in front of a mirror and practice until my back tells me its time to quit, and then I go do some abdominal crunches to build up some strength.  For my birthday present, I gifted myself with a couple of classes at "Tribal LA", a belly dancers treat!  A weekend of dancers, dancing, classes, food, and shopping.  One is a beginners class in Tribal style dancing, the other class is for strength conditioning, muscle memory, and fluidity of movement. If Lara is reading this, I have given it some thought about posting a pic of myself in my new belly dancing duds thanks to you.  I think I may be taking you up on that "challenge" of posting that pic!    


Dawne said...

hiya wendy

thank you for your comments on my blog, you ask if the photos of statues were originals or copies i have all photos in my flickr album online so i can print off whenever. you can get to flickr on my blog down on the right hand side.
Dawne xx

Teresa said...

Hey- look! I found my password.

Glad you found DSP!!

Also, my husband pointed out the belly dancing class through community ed. I know my girlfriend enjoyed it. I'm just not so sure it would be good for the grace deprived person that controls my body. Deep within my soul is a princess with all of the grace and beauty. He He